** We bring the business officially into existence, meet the operational and organizational needs of the company, improve the efficiencies, methods and practices, lower litigation risks and expand revenues by increasing sales, increasing market share and capital through a  merger or acquisition, reduce costs including audits of existing practices and organizational dynamics.

***Incorporate your business or register your LLC locally and/or in other jurisdictions and assist with necessary visas (if any);

***Write shareholder and investor agreements;

***Conduct due diligence, negotiate and draft asset and stock acquisition and financing contracts, including mergers with an existing business; product development agreements, marketing and distribution agreements, WEB service agreements and conduct audits and closings;

***Conduct exempt securities offerings (506);

***Support International, treaty trader, ventures and investments, exports, financing, foreign distributors and sales agents;

***Draft licenses, register trademarks, copyrights, negotiate and draft rights in data, employment agreements, sales of goods and services and other specialized contracts;

***Real estate leases, purchase and sale of real property and facilities construction projects including major manufacturing plants and business parks, satisfying environmental compliance regulations, working with municipal and port authorities;

***Support sales by negotiating transactions, letters of intent, confidentiality agreements,

***Support finance by establishing letters of credit, UCC-9 security interests;

***Support administration and human resources with employment agreements, regulation compliance, affirmative action, workers compensation and safety processes and disciplinary procedures.  AND MORE DEPENDING ON WHAT IS NEEDED.

                                                                                               ESTATE PLANNING SERVICES

Estate Planning Services for Individuals and Families include creating or amending Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial Decisions, Health Care Directives aka Living Wills, and Directives to Physicians.

Most financial planners will tell you that to wait to put an estate plan in place is a very bad mistake.  Most people either don't fully appreciate the difficulties that can occur for survivors or are in denial, yet to pass on without making it clear in properly written instructions to survivors about who is to receive what, how to handle your interest in your business, investments, savings, personal and real property, instructing physicians and care providers and even making it clear what your life philosophy is to those whom you want to carry on your good works, should not wait.

Even traveling on a vacation without an estate plan can end badly if proper planning and arrangements have not been made before hand.

There are ways to  manage it, but it all begins with understanding your options and what is most appropriate for you.

Become informed. Take action and relax.

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